Former Louisiana District Attorney Arrest With 911 Call

Danelle KeimBack in 2010, Danelle Keim made a frantic call to 911 seeking to report that Harry Morel, a powerful local prosecutor at the time, had attempted to assault her sexually in her home. Six years have passed and after the FBI held a long-running investigation into Morel’s life, the prosecutor has been labeled a sexual assaulter and will be facing the possibility of a prison sentence.

Former Louisiana District Attorney Arrest With  911 CallOn Thursday, records were publically released to reveal that the deputies of the sheriff summoned an FBI agent after a woman called for help and also reported the allegations related to the prosecutor who had served as the elected district attorney of St. Charles Parish for 33 years. Morel pleaded guilty to obstructing the federal investigation of the allegations to sexual abuse on more than one occasion. Authorities on the case say Morel wilified his position of power repeatedly to exploit women who came to seek his help, often offering the women or their relatives monetary leniency in return for sexual intercourse. The victim count may be more than the 20 women stated in his confession over his 33-year long tenure in office and US Attorney Kenneth Polite states that they may never fully know the extent of the man’s depravity.

Keim died from a drug overdose back in 2013 when she was 27, and investigators in the case claim her cooperation along with the FBI was instrumental in securing a guilty plea from Morel. It has been difficult to garner evidence and testimonies form the victims, said Polite, and the court could not charge Morel for any of his sexual transgressions but rather charged him for of obstruction of justice for harassing Danielle Keim and repeatedly pressuring her to dispose of the evidence against him in the federal grand jury investigation.